Kruger Park wilderness trail

However You Wish to Travel

At the heart of a successful safari is a range of experiences.

Climbing Kilimanjaro, Guerba Overland Safari, 1990

My first trip to Africa, almost twenty years ago, was seven weeks travelling overland by Bedford truck ("Benson"!) from Nairobi to Harare. It was certainly packed with new experiences and was the start of a love-affair with Africa. But day-after-day of grinding along in the back of a truck becomes tedious, even in the most spectacular and exotic of locations! Indeed my most enduring memories are when we spent time away from Benson: trekking on Kilimanjaro, rafting on the Zambezi below Victoria Falls and speeding by boat to a remote campsite in the Okavango Delta.

White Water Rafting on the Nile, Uganda

In designing a tailor-made safari I look to combine different modes of transport, each offering a different perspective on the wildlife and landscapes. This isn't something that can be done following a formula, or by offering you a multiple-choice menu of options. We need to discuss your personal preferences and interests, and then I can balance that against constraints such as budget and season in preparing an itinerary.

The pages on how you travel are therefore just a taster which outline some of my personal views and favourite safari locations. Please browse, follow some of the links and consider what really inspires you.