Final summit climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Travelling on Foot

Walking features in almost every itinerary that I prepare. Compared with travelling in a vehicle, "the bush" on foot is a very different experience. In a 4WD vehicle you can move freely in the environment, spectating on the game at close range. Step outside on foot and you become an integral part of the environment, sharing the same space as the wildlife. Your sensory experience is both sharper and broader, with every smell and sound potentially significant.

A good guide is an essential part of any walking safari. In addition to taking care of your safety, they will be able to help you interpret the tracks, and will point out the smaller sights that pass unnoticed from a vehicle. Who can forget the first time they lured an ant-lion into the open and captured it alive or when they tickled a spider out of its hole?

My personal on foot highlights include: